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The birch tree is native to Europe and has grown in Britain since the end of the Ice Age. During centuries, people learnt to use birch to help them to deal with a large number of maladies to improve their wellbeing, including boosting body immunity, stimulating the digestive system, easing various forms of inflammation, promoting good sleep, dealing with urinary tract problems and improving skin and hair condition.

Using the water distillation and vacuum concentration method M. Vyskupaicio UAB ‘MĖTA’ was able to create exquisite products made from organic birch and other herbal raw materials. They are so simple in their composition and very easy to use. All their products are natural and most of them are organically certified. 

Most of MĖTA cosmetic products are designed to improve skin and hair condition. Adding appropriate essential oils to the birch leaf and bud extracts meant that it was possible to create several cosmetic products beneficial to skin and hair for every family member.

Herbal extracts for baths

A unique possibility to have a SPA treatment at home and to relax your body and soul after the tiring day.

Adding birch leaf and bud extracts to your bath will sooth rough, itchy and sensitive skin.

Try natural pine extract, natural juniper extract or natural nettle extract as well which are designed for home SPA to meet other body needs.

Extracts for body care

Additional cosmetic products were created by adding certain essential oils to herbal extracts in order to enhance their properties.

Blend of botanical extracts for baby baths is designed to soothe irritation of baby’s delicate skin and to help loosen dandruff flakes. Lavender essential oil helps children to calm and they will be ready for a good night’s sleep. 

Blend of botanical extracts for hair strengthening helps strengthen hair roots, stimulates hair growth, prevents dandruff and is beneficial for dry, flaky and itchy scalp. Just rub the extract into your hair and leave it to soak into your scalp.

Blend of botanical extracts for foot care is specially designed to calm skin irritation, condense, clean and disinfect your feet, reduces sweating and helps to maintain the sensation of clean feet all day.

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